Drama Parties

All Parties are run by professional actors!

The venue

To be arranged by the client.

A hall or large Space.

A room in the house is fine, if it can be cleared and is large enough to play drama games with 15 children.

The clues for the treasure hunt are to be placed and hidden all around the venue- so access to other rooms and spaces i.e. kitchen, Toilet, outside etc is helpful.

The numbers

All the parties work the best with numbers of up to 15 children.

Perform a play has a maximum of 8 characters. However more children can join to watch the play and attend the workshop after.

The Food

To be arranged by the client.

At the end of an Act Drama Party we sing Happy Birthday and celebrate with the blowing out of the candles on the Birthday Cake!!

To book your party now please fill in the … act party booking form!

Party Booking Form