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'Perform a Play' Party!

This is a unique opportunity to learn, rehearse and perform a play for your friends and family.

The Play

You will be sent a short play with 6-8 characters for you to cast your friends and to learn your parts prior to the party. At the party a Professional Actor/Director will rehearse and direct the play over an hour and a half ready for the performance. There will be a performance with simple costumes & music.

Acting Workshop

To complete your 'Perform a Play' Party you can opt for an hour long acting workshop to include the rest of your friends attending the performance.

act workshops are full of energised, fun and inspiring drama games that build confidence and self esteem. You are encouraged to free your imagination and express your creativity.

act 'Perform a Play' Party. Cost - £250 (2hrs)

act 'Perform a Play' Party Plus Acting Workshop. Cost- £300 (3hrs)

To book your party now, please fill in the … act party booking form!

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